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Short facts about RH Performance Study

RH Chairs have made several Performance Studies


Our studies show between 0% increase in productivity, up to 12% increased productivity when using RH chairs.

The studies also show 0% reduction in sick leave up to 25% reduction in sick leave.

The average rates of productivity and sick leave are:

3% increase in productivity.
10% reduction in sick leave.

Investment in our chairs can increase your productivity. See how it works.

Enter number of chairs required.


Enter average hours worked per day (e.g 8 hrs).

8 hours

Enter average hourly wage plus related costs.


Enter the effective hours worked as a percentage. Allow for breaks and downtime.

68 %

Enter price per chair.


The average increase in productivity when using RH Chairs is 3 %. (Based on RH Chairs Performance Study.)

3 %

108 800 EUR

Current profit per day

112 064 EUR

New profit per day


Break even (days)


New productivity

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Working hours per employee per day:

Current productivity in %:

Profit multiplier:

Average hourly cost per employee:

Average hourly profit per employee:

Current profit per day:

Increase of productivity in %:

New productivity:


New profit per day:

Increase of profit per day:

Price per chair:

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